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Sumo – Sport, Art, Society & Rituality

Sumo – Sport, Art, Society & Rituality

A massive human body and a powerful musculature are thus fundamental so you’re able to set up issue the strength of the new enemy

Sumo is a routine Japanese strive and contains old roots. Sumo has its origins throughout the preferred tradition and religion and you may the new elite group wrestlers titled “rikishi” are venerated and increased so you’re able to varieties of virtuous actions.

Sumo has its own root inside the Shinto religion: at first skilled as a ritual, sumo was in fact a kind of spiritual fight with the latest gods, invoked to ensure that the fresh new amass is rich and you will plentiful. Proof of that it link between sumo and Shinto is in the construction of one’s ring, much like a sanctuary on what until the start of the for every battle was tossed an effective fistful away from salt so you can purify they. The original sumo wrestlers was samurai and ronin, just who experienced this form of grappling getting strictly amusement aim and you may to boost this new monthly income wie hoch ist das durchschnittliche heiratsalter in den usa.

Immediately following multiple victories, sumo wrestlers normally achieve the score regarding Yokozuna or „grand master”; simple fact is that high term that may be accomplished by an excellent wrestler

On eighth millennium sumo try introduced toward ceremonies out of this new Purple Court, so an essential festival are organised annually. In the same several months, the guidelines off fight was basically „refined” removing blows particularly kicks and you can punches. Now it’s believed a modern art out-of combat that is the sport symbol out of The japanese, also practised by Western players however, Sumo laws keep alive specific life dating back olden days, for instance the use of colourful mawashi, a good thong created from a lengthy bow and you may stop having a belt; the hairstyle of one’s wrestlers, entitled oicho, an excellent knot one remembers the form of one’s ginko leaf; the application of the fresh dohyo, a good straw-created band elevated regarding the soil; the fresh new progressing program always establish new thinking of wrestlers. The newest referee keeps a lover you to definitely symbolises their expert and you may a good dagger you to definitely recalls the old culture that when he had been completely wrong inside the judging a runner will have murdered themselves.

Through to the challenge the fresh new professional athletes, whom go after a certain eating plan to reach how much they weigh and also at once will still be nimble and you can strong, beat the base tough throughout the ring and you may be involved in a good ritual out-of filtering of crushed on which they’re going to battle. It routine are a definite reference to the Shinto religion and you can on the dances one for the ancient times was practised within the temples from the wrestlers. Regarding your lbs of your own sumo wrestlers, you might think a real paradox one a specialist runner, if you’re frequently practising major recreations degree, may have such as for example an important weight. Weight gain are a key region regarding the preparing in order to become an even wrestler. Acknowledging the condition of converting their own system to help you go profit and you can notoriety means he’s knew the values of Sumo, and tend to be devoted to which legendary athletics and ready to put the lessons into the habit. Over an activity, it is best understand it as a life and you will wrestlers are seen as the personifications out-of a historical artwork off assaulting. The term Sumo literally means tugging at each and every other. This new profit try issued for the little finger which been able to land the newest challenger or perhaps to push him out of the Dohyo. Such as this the newest wrestler offers deeper effectiveness the latest motions out-of lifting, overturning and you will dragging-out of your band.

Japanese wrestlers was competed in unique Sumo colleges named hi. There are already more than fifty hello marketed during the Japan. Who owns the institution is called Oyakata. Brand new Oyakata is a former large-peak wrestler. More youthful apprentices are recruited within age of fifteen. Valuing Japanese lifestyle and you may community, the institution remains their residence in the course of the aggressive profession.

On a yearly basis, 6 competitions take place, each long-lasting 15 months. Each wrestler keeps an everyday fits. The fresh new event was won from the rikishi exactly who obtained the absolute most matches. Having 7 battles won the wrestler goes up into category, having seven forgotten relegated on lower category. At the end of per competition the banzuke (ranking) are pulled. The newest honbasho and/or official elite group sumo tournament, are held only in strange few days. When you look at the Tokyo can be done observe a complement during the January, Can get and September, whilst in Osaka from inside the February, in the Nagoya in July and also in Fukuoka for the November.